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Halloween Collection// Beaded Dangly Quarts Earrings

Halloween Collection// Beaded Dangly Quarts Earrings

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These Quarts Earrings are part of the Halloween Collection! These earrings contain Purple Druzy Quarts, Lime Jade, Goldstone, and Clear Quarts.

Purple Druzy Quarts: Druzy Quartz is a crystal for anxiety and stress. Druzy Quarts brings about the type of positive thinking that can lead to a happier, healthier outlook on life. This crystal brings on calming, harmonizing, and loving vibes.

Lime Jade: Jade is most valued for its metaphysical properties. This crystal aids in accessing the spiritual world, gaining insight into ritualistic knowledge, encouraging creativity, and dream solving. It is also a protective talisman and is a powerful healing stone. An amulet of good luck and friendship, Jade signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see oneself as they really are.

Goldstone: Goldstone, the stone of ambition, assists in attaining goals. Some consider goldstone to be a symbol of ingenuity, ambition, and drive. It helps to reduce tension, revitalize the wearer, and encourages a positive attitude. Goldstone contains copper, it is believed to carry many of the metaphysical properties of that metal. It generates and revitalizes energy fields, transmits positivity and diverts malevolent energy into the earth.

Clear Quarts: Clear quartz is a powerful crystal with a restorative and amplifying energy. It's often used/worn with other stones to strengthen their effects. Clear quartz is best for all chakras to clear and activate them, and it can be used to purify the physical and energetic bodies. This stone also declutters energies, providing clarity.


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